Kasia Wisniewska - (Poland)

 had been putting off taking driving lessons for a long time because I was terrified and could not imagine driving on the road. Luckily I found Fergus.
He is the most relaxed and patient instructor you can imagine. He will put your nerves at ease and adjust your classes to your personal needs. With each hour of driving with Fergus , I was more relaxed and enjoying it more and more. He was great at explaining everything as many times as was needed and always stayed calm and professional. I passed my test and I cannot wait to get a car and hit the road ! Thank you fergus

Guilherme Balbinot - (Brazil)

Fergus is a great instructor. His methods and instructions are very easy to understand. He gives advice bases on how you drive, modifying your bad habits little by little.He is very professional and clearly enjoys what he does.He is very organised , he sends reminders about scheduled lessons and remembers what your mistakes were in the last lessons,so you can work on to fix them.I highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for the best driving instructor in Dublin. I passed the test on my first attempt ! Many thanks Fergus

Heidi McCann -

I had been driving an automatic car for the last 10 years , but with a new job and a company car imminent , I was under huge pressure to pass my driving test. I had to do my test in a manual car. I did 12 driving lessons with another driving school and did the test 3 times within a 4 week period. I failed each test miserably. In desperation ,I contacted Fergus at short notice and did 3 lessons over 3 days and amazingly I passed the driving test on my 4th attempt. Fergus taught me things I was never thought before and it totally transformed my drive. This would not have been possible without his experience ,knowledge and professionalism. I truly cannot thank him enough.He is the best out there. I would recommend him 200% before any cowboy, money stroker instructors that are out there who have no clue how to teach. Thank you again Fergus. This is life changing for me. If you want to pass your test, book Fergus today. Heidi

Arlinol Xhezaj -

Passed my driving test today and it was all down to Fergus.
For the past 3 months , I was in France on an internship and only returned home 3 days ago. I did not drive at all in France.
I was under pressure to find a driving instructor to get a few lessons for the few days left for my test .Fortunately I found Fergus. I told him how little driving practice I had over 3 months and he  booked a 2 hour lesson on Sunday. Fergus completely changed my driving style in that time .He goes into 10 times more detail than any other instructors that I had before. Very calm ,assuring, polite ,punctual and he helped me overcome a lot of bad driving habits that I had.I can say that if I had not got Fergus ,I would have failed my test 100%.I would recommend him to everyone. I honestly think that with him you can pass the test with the mandatory 12 edt lessons.

Lauren Redmond -

I passed my test recently thanks to Fergus. I would definitely recommend Fergus to any learner driver. I had dealt with other instructors in the past but 20 minutes into my first lesson with Fergus I knew I had a chance of passing the test. Everything he showed me was such an easy way of learning  I felt confident and ready for the test. On the day of the test he kept me really calm and I also used his car as everything is perfect and you won,t have to worry about your car on the day. Fergus is very gentle and chilled out instructor which made learning easier. Thank you so much fergus for helping me pass my test , I am still in shock.

Orla O Sullivan -

I passed my driving test (woohoo!) and I am grateful to Fergus for getting me there! His approach is professional, focused, friendly, clear, and calm. I went to Fergus for the first time for a pre-test before my third driving test .

He noticed immediately weaknesses in my drive and over three or four lessons ,helped me to really improve my driving and my confidence to boot! With his help ,I finally got to grip with reversing around a corner successfully as well as getting the hang of dealing with open and closed junctions! He helped me enormously in preparation for my test ( particularly with building my confidence in the weeks beforehand and helping with my nerves on the day).
I would highly recommend him. Thanks Fergus!

Micheal Breen -

Well done Fergus for helping me pass my driving test in naas today.
Thank you for boosting my confidence and easing my nerves and for the guidance you gave me along the way. It all paid off. Highly recommended. Would not have passed my test otherwise. Thanks again.

Shaun Pugh -

I would highly recommend Fergus when choosing a driving instructor. Fergus made me feel at ease and extremely comfortable during my lessons and especially during my test. I had been driving for nearly 10 years on my provisional and had many bad habits which Fergus was able to get rid of and help me pass my test. One of life’s great feelings , passing the test and Fergus helped me achieve that.

Viktorija Zabachidze (Lithuania ) -

Fergus is a very dedicated instructor. He teaches in a unique way. He makes you feel confident for the driving test especially if you are very nervous.Gives great advice and I would highly recommend to anyone who wants to pass their driving test. I am glad that I chose him because I passed my test first time with him.Thank you very much !

Marie Reidy  -

Hurray ! I passed my driving test and I am very grateful to Fergus for his patience and guidance over the past few weeks. He identified weaknesses in my driving and gave me clear instructions on how to improve. Fergus is punctual and professional at all times. I would highly recommend him to customers.

Kasia Kozdras - (Poland)

Woohoo…I  just passed my category B test with Lucan Driving Academy and I would like to take  this opportunity to thank my instructor ,Fergus.
From the start of my lessons with you, you were patient and knowledgeable.
You recognised where my weaknesses were and showed me how to overcome them. You break everything down step by step and gave me plenty of feedback. You really helped calm me on the day. I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone who is either learning to drive for the first time or trying to pass their test.If you want to pass your driving test and become a confident driver then Lucan Driving Academy is your best choice! Thank you so much Fergus.

Anna Deveroux -

I would definitely recommend Fergus to any learner driver, especially those who find driving lessons frustrating. I have dealt with 2 other instructors in the past and although they were ok, I often felt agitated and pushed during lessons. With Fergus however he kept me relaxed and I did,nt feel pressured.
Fergus is very gentle and chilled out instructor which suited me perfectly. Thank you so much Fergus for helping me pass my test .Brilliant instructor.

Nicola Stewart  -

I would highly recommend fergus as a driving instructor and it is with his help I passed my driving test. He has great teaching methods and explains the different driving processes in a clear manner. I was very nervous about the test but with the skills and knowledge I learned from Fergus I felt prepared and confident. I would have no problem recommending Fergus to anyone looking for an instructor.

Emma Montague  -

I passed my first driving test with Fergus and I am delighted. Fergus is an excellent teacher ,he is always patient and never gets frustrated even when I did. I would not have passed my test without his help. Always managed to build up my confidence in driving. Thank you Fergus .

Wendy Haydock  -

Fergus is an excellent driving instructor. After failing my test twice with 2 previous instructors , I was lacking confidence in my own abilities.Fergus taught me the skills I needed to confidently pass my test after just 3 lessons.He is both professional and personal and would not hesitate to recommend his driving school.

Laura McGlynn  -

I am happy to say that I passed my test first time in tallaght  today .I was a very nervous driver and held my provisional licence for nearly three years before I even got myself into a car. In febuary ,  I wanted to get over my fear of driving. Based on Fergus,s customer reviews , I knew I found the perfect driving instructor. Fergus is very patient and relaxed. He thought me the skills I needed to become a confident driver. He was very thorough when it came to my test and knows exactly what it takes to pass. He was also great at easing my nerves and to focus better before the test. It is such an amazing feeling  passing  my test first time after only driving for 4 months. I would highly recommend Fergus to anyone who is serious about driving. Thanks a million.

Maricruz Lara - (Mexico) 

I passed my driving test yesterday, one of the happiest day of my life because I had failed 3 previous times before. I had other instructors before and I have to say that Fergus is the best by far. He is very professional and very relaxed and he transmits that to you. He had lots of knowledge , wonderful techniques and I recommend him to everyone honestly. I thought I was never ever, ever was going to pass my test. If it was not for Fergus it would not have been possible. Thanks again Fergus !!!!

Aisling Smith  -

Fergus was a very patient driving instructor ,and his instruction was of very high quality. I was very nervous about doing the driving test and had been putting it off. However working with Fergus gave me the confidence to pass the test. He helped me work through my many problem areas. I am truly delighted to have my full licence and I have to thank Fergus for that.

Julia Sevtsenko - (Russia) 

Passed my test today , thanks to Fergus. After my first fail, I decided to find an instructor who can not only explain how to improve my driving , but also help me to become a confident driver (I was getting very nervous at the wheel , and after my fail I felt that I will never drive again). With every lesson with Fergus I was learning something new and w s also working on my mistakes. Thanks to Fergus,s teaching techniques,my driving improved a lot in just a few lessons ! He also provided notes that were very useful for the last minute review.
He is flexible with schedules which gave me an opportunity to take lessons during my free time. Fergus is very patient ,punctual and responsible instructor with a great personality. He helped me not only to prepare for the test but made my driving safer and better in general. Thank you very much Fergus for your dedication and I wish you all the best with your teaching.

Danyal Khan  -

Fergus is a very calm-headed instructor who provides a comprehensive tuition geared towards success in the driving test.
By engaging you as a both a student and a person, he makes driving easy to understand and enjoyable at the same time.Could,nt have passed my test without his help. Thanks again.

Karolina Bigos - (Poland)

I started my first driving lesson with Fergus a year ago and was an extremely nervous beginner. Fergus taught  me everything about driving, starting with how the clutch works, what the biting point is , correct steering techniques and much more useful information. His great lessons made my drive safer and gave me confidence when driving on my own.

Now after a year of driving , I has just recently passed my driving test.I contacted Fergus just 2 weeks before my test and took 4 pre-test lessons.Fergus pointed out exactly what I needed to work on and was great at building up my confidence and helping me feel more prepared.He was very professional throughout and covered everything I needed to know in order to pass my test. I will be highly recommending Fergus to friends.Thank you Fergus!

Jonathan Kinghorne   -

I called Fergus a couple of days before my test to arrange a pre-test lesson.

I had been driving for about 1 year on my provisional licence and had developed many bad habits. Fergus was quickly able to identify these bad habits and effectively remove them from my driving. Fergus,s simple process approach to driving gave me total control of the car and made me feel very confident going into the test. He knows exactly what the testers are looking for and as a result of his knowledge and teaching abilities , I successfully passed my driving test while picking up just 1 grade 2 fault. The tester congratulated me on an excellent drive and I have to give a lot of credit to Fergus for this.
I would highly recommend him for both beginners and experienced drivers.

Gemma Cotter -

I contacted Fergus just 4 weeks before my test. I had been back driving for about 1 year , having given up driving 10 years before, as my nerves got the better of me. Fergus had his work cut out for him in undoing my bad habits and teaching me the correct way to drive. I am delighted to say I passed my test with flying colours today. I am so grateful to Fergus for his patience and for having confidence in me when I did’nt !!

Stephen Nelson   - (USA)

Having relocated from the States, I needed to take my edt lessons and my driving test after 12 months. Fergus walked me through all the lessons and nuances of driving on the left side of the road. He was very patient and professional and I passed my test at the first attempt. Would recommend him to others in the same situation

Ritchie Stafford   -

Passed my test first time thanks to Fergus. I had done my 12 Edt lessons with another school. Fergus was a far superior teacher. He has great methods and a really clear calm method of communication and was thoroughly professional.I have a few friends looking to learn to drive and I will be strongly recommending Fergus.

Ina Borisova -

I believe that choosing Fergus as my driving instructor was a great choice. I found his methods and instructions very easy to understand and he is very patient and very relaxed in the way he teaches and made my learning experience enjoyable, he will always push to drive better as he cares about his students and wants to get the best out of them. His experience in this field showed in the quality of his teachings. He is always happy to answer any doubts and is always willing to guide you through areas you may have difficulty until you perfect! I was very pleased with the quality and professionalism I received from Fergus as many of my friends had bad experience with other driving instructors! I highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for the ideal driving instructor! Many thanks, Fergus!

Fiona Ferris  -

I started driving lessons with Fergus in May, not knowing what a clutch was and having never even sat in the drivers seat of a car. I was incredibly nervous and convinced I would never be able to drive! Fergus was very patient and encouraging and coached me right up to the second I went in for and passed my test. I would highly recommend him to anyone no matter how inexperienced or nervous.

Mark O'Neill   -

I just passed my test today at the 3rd attempt. If I had of known Fergus before my other attempts, I know I would have passed 1st time, I have been driving over 5 years and picked up a lot of bad habits and misinterpretations of the rules of the road. Within 4 lessons fergus was able to calm my nervous and fix all of my habits. Not only did I pass my test but I will be a better and safer driver just from doing the lessons with him. I highly recommend him to all drivers who are not confident of passing their tests, be it new drivers or old drivers with the  fear of failing again. Only with his help was I able to pass. Thanks Fergus it was a pleasure Meeting you.

Simone  -

Fergus I passed my test today and it is all thanks to you. I got one grade 2 and  even the tester complemented me on my drive. You are the best and I cannot thank you enough. Hope to see you soon.

Mags O'Sullivan   -

I had already attempted the test twice before I found Fergus as an instructor. I had lessons with a couple of different instructors over the last few years but I found Fergus' style completely different and just what I needed. He was so professional in his manner during the lessons and explained everything so clearly and calmly that after each lesson I had learned and understood something new. I also had a pre-test the morning of the test and it was the best thing I did. I learned from the mistakes in the pre-test with Fergus' guidance and corrected them for the test, which I am happy to say I passed yesterday afternoon. I would definitely recommend Fergus as an instructor. I thought I would never get there but thankfully I found Lucan Driving Academy, thanks again Fergus

Peter Cassells -

Fergus is a wonderful instructor. He is patient and builds each lesson around the areas which one needs to improve on. He instills confidence and has a unique method on passing on his expertise. I felt that Fergus was genuinely interested in my development as a driver. Not just in terms of test preparation, but more importantly ensuring that I developed the necessary skills to be a competent and safe driver. I passed the driving test recently  and this could not have been achieved without Fergus. I would recommend Fergus without hesitation  to anyone either starting to drive for the first time or if preparing for your test. Thanks Fergus for all your help and support , it was much appreciated.

Eoin Cahill    -

I had been driving for over a year as a learner and had many bad habits,
Including a fear of first gear. A few lessons with Fergus dramatically improved my driving skills and observation, but most important was the support that helped build my confidence. I failed my first driving test due to nerves  but Fergus had me focused and well prepared for the test which I passed. Highly recommended.

Emily Ashe  -

I did my test 3 times and failed .I knew I wasn,t a bad driver but just couldn,t focus because my nerves were getting in the way.From my first pre-test with Fergus I felt better about doing my test,s obvious he loves what he does and is passionate about teaching people to drive with confidence and knowledge .He made me feel more confident and focused on a system which would build up my focus in my test.
He is very genuine, personable and realistic. I was so relieved when I finally passed my test and have learned so much. I would recommend him as an amazing instructor to anyone trying to pass their test.

Laura McHugh  -

I passed my test the other day! and it was all down to Fergus' help. I found the lessons were very good because each one improved a different part of my drive. I went home after the lessons understanding clearly what needed to be improved and then could work on that until the following lesson. I really recommend Fergus to anybody learning to drive, from beginners to people who just have some brushing up to do before their test. People think that driving is so complicated before starting but it can be very enjoyable when taught properly and I have to say, I have had bad experiences with instructors and I know the difference between a good one and a bad one! Thanks a million Fergus! Much appreciated, Laura.

Ron Arne     -

So happy I got Fergus as my instructor ,because it would be hard to pass my driving test without him. He is very detailed in his approach and also very professional. Would highly recommend him. Thank you very much Fergus.

Aoife McArdle  -

Fergus is an excellent driving instructor. He identified problem areas in my driving and gave me clear and structured instruction on how to improve.
He is knowledgable on test routes and driving more generally as well as being both patient and personable.His lessons built my confidence going into my test which I passed.

Chantal Buckley  -

I was a very nervous driver with no confidence in my drive. I booked pre-test lessons with Fergus and I passed my test first time. He has great teaching skills and very usefulful tips which I have changed how I drive. My confidence on the road has grown and I now enjoy driving. Fergus is very patient and I felt very relaxed in the car with him. I would highly recommend Fergus for driving lessons and pre-test lessons.

Ann Owens   -

Just passed my driving test and I could,nt have done it without Fergus,s help. Patient and detailed instruction and very detailed knowledge of the test routes.
I would highly recommend Lucan Driving Academy.

Alihan Archhoey - (Russia) 

Thanks to Fergus I passed my test on my first attempt. I am really glad I contacted Lucan Driving Academy because I could not have asked for better instruction. I would strongly recommend Fergus. Nice to meet perfect instructors like Fergus.

Tony Attwell   -

From my first lesson with Fergus , I knew he was the instructor who would help me pass my test. I passed the test today. Thanks to Fergus ,I have become a much more relaxed, focused and competent driver. Fergus not only knows his stuff when it comes to driving, but he is capable of imparting that knowledge in an understandable manner.Fergus was able to point out my strengths and weaknesses and helped me focus on those areas I needed improvement. He also kept reassuring me that I had the skills to pass the test and be a safe driver. I would highly recommend Fergus as an instructor.

Bhupinder Singh - (India) 

Thanks to Fergus ,I passed my test on my first attempt. I am really glad I contacted Lucan Driving Academy because I could not have asked for better instruction .I would strongly recommend fergus

Caoimhe Carthy -

I passed!
A massive thanks to Lucan Driving Academy.  I had been trying to pass my test for several years and before now was always too nervous to focus.  Fergus really helped me to get over the nerves and relax and enjoy driving.  Patience and relaxed methods to teaching make him an excellent choice for any learner driver!

David Sedgwick   -

Patient, understated and knowledgeable, without Fergus I would never have passed. He transformed someone with terrible habits into someone who passed with flying colours. Thanks!

Beth Spence  -

After reading the reviews on his website, I booked a lesson with Fergus. So glad I did. I hated driving and was always nervous in the car. I was driving the car wrong and not looking out for hazards enough. Thankfully I am driving better and feel more confident. I feel more in control now thanks to Fergus. He is very calm and  always encouraging. Recommend him to all nervous drivers

Toms Sebastian - (India) 

I met Fergus 3 weeks prior to my test.I had 6 driving lessons and passed with flying colours (clean sheet). Strongly recommend Lucan Driving Academy for learners and experienced drivers. Fergus is very professional and competent.
Thank you fergus

Atif Manzoor - (Pakistan) 

I did my EDT lessons  and  pre-test lessons with Fergus and found him an outstanding instructor. His lessons helped me to take my driving test with full confidence and pass it in the first attempt. I will highly recommend him to anyone who is serious about learning to drivel. Thank you fergus

Amy Niland  -

I did automatic driving lessons with Fergus and he is a great instructor. I have come on in leaps and bounds and feel very confident now. Previous instructors did not show me what Fergus did and the difference is huge. I can steer properly , I use my handbrake much more and I observe more frequently. I strongly recommend him to anyone learning to drive. Thanks Amy

Fiona Burke -

Just past my driving test today. A big  thank you to fergus who was a great help on my pre-test lessons. He made me feel very confident going into do my test. Thanks again, would recommend him to anyone.

Adam Scanlon  -

Just passed my test first time this week, could,nt have done it without the help of fergus, excellent instructor, i would definitely recommend him to anyone looking for lessons

Tanita Ashe  -

I have just passed my driving test first time round with Fergus as my driving instructor, he was a great help and wouldn't of got the test without him and the lessons. Pre tests were worth every cent and and would recommend him to any learner driver.

Eimear Skidmore  -

I completed my edt programme with Fergus and passed my driving test first time in tallaght. He is an excellent teacher and is highly recommended.
Thanks Fergus

Jason Devine  -

 I'd been driving on a provisional for five years and failed one attempt at the test, due to the number of really bad habits I'd developed over that period. The score sheet from that test was a complete disaster - 14 grade 2 faults and one grade 3. Fergus had gotten my sister through the test first time of asking, so she recommended I get some lessons from him before my next attempt. I may have left it late (the day before the test ....) but with Fergus' expertise and patience, after 3 hours of tuition I was a different driver. I passed the test easily the next day with only two grade 2 faults, and was close to a clean sheet for most of it! So in my opinion, if you need the best driving instruction available, look no further than Fergus.

Agnieszka - (Poland) 

 I failed my test 3 times. I was already giving up but with Fergus' help I passed my test today. He's a great teacher and I can recommend him to anyone who's seeking professional help.

Jurgita (Lithuania)    -

 I have had lessons with other instructors in the past but have never felt this comfortable and confident when it comes to driving.
Fergus was recommended to me by a friend. I am taking driving lessons with Fergus since January and I have found him honest, encouraging and reliable having so far left every lesson learning a new skill but also at a pace that is right for me.
He instils a lot of confidence in pupils with helpful, well-balanced feedback after every single lesson. The feedback given about previous lessons is a great help as you know what to concentrate on in certain places but also where you have done well.
Fergus works with you rather than for you and shows patience and professionalism. You will not go wrong with a driving instructor who actually enjoys teaching. I would highly recommend Fergus to all who are considering taking driving lessons.
Learning to drive is now fun, challenging and very rewarding! Thank you, Fergus

Kim Moran   -

Having read all the reviews , I booked lessons with Fergus and I'm happy to say every single review is the truth.  Fergus is a thorough professional.  He put me at ease straight away, was never judgemental when I made mistakes, and was calm and patient at all times.  He has a special skill in pinpointing your exact driving flaws and somehow magically fixing them.  I passed in Tallaght all thanks to Fergus.  I cannot thank him enough.  He's everything a driving instructor should be and more.  Obviously I would have no hesitation in recommending Fergus and Brookfield Driving School to anyone, in fact you'd be mad to go anywhere else.  Thank you again Fergus.

Maria  Kavanagh  -

I started driving again this year thanks to Fergus. I had been off the road for 5 years after a crash as a learner.  I was terrified to drive again and had bad experiences with grumpy inpatient instructors from the main driving schools in the past.  From the first day I had lessons with Fergus he built up my confidence by pointing out my strenghts and patiently advising me.  I passed my test first time in Tallaght.  Couldnt recommend enough!

Vladimir - (Lithuania) 

I was a self taught driver who never had lessons before. I met Fergus and he taught me to drive correctly. He gave very clear instructions that were easy to  understand. After few hours of lessons ,i pass the test first time. Thank you fergus

Pawel Wyrwas   - (Poland)

My name is Pawel and Fergus  has been preparing me for my driving test. He was very patient and clear about his instructions. He has made me feel confident behind the wheel and as a consequence contributed to passing my exam and I now have full drivers licence!
I wouldn't hesitate  to recommend fergus to any of my friends.
Thank you very much!

Aislinn O'Connell  -

I have just passed my test with Fergus on my first attempt. He was calm, patient and encouraging. Without Fergus' instruction I don't think I would have done half as well in my test and I don't think I'd be the same standard of driver I am today. I would recommend Fergus to anyone learning to drive.

Sheila Flanagan  -

I have been learning to drive for over one year, becoming frustrated with learning and therefore picking up a lot of bad habits. I had attended three other driving schools prior to finding Fergus, and not one of them was in a league with the techniques I am currently learning with Fergus. Fergus has a knack of breaking it down to a level you understand and tailoring the lessons to suit you, while establishing a learning technique that is personal to your specific requirements - this was exactly what I needed. I had a mental block when it came to driving and thought that it was as simple as turning on the engine and pointing the car in the right direction, I learned otherwise and this is when my nerves appeared. Fergus was able to identify all my bad habits and weak points and he explained how I can overcome them in a straightforward and encouraging way. I am learning with Fergus for over one month and currently aiming towards my test. I thought I'd be learning forever!!
Fergus has given me the confidence I lacked on the road, he is patient and friendly but above all his teaching qualities of precision and accuracy are all that is needed to a learner driver. I can highly, highly recommend Fergus

Vivienne Jones  -

Fergus is very professional in his approach to lessons. He is very punctual , never takes mobile calls during lessons , and always very calm. Previous driving instructors I had were the opposite and  I had terrible experiences. His lesson plans are well planned and I always felt I had made progress after a lesson. I do feel quite confident driving now and I intend to continue with more lessons in the future. I recommend Fergus to anyone learning to drive. Viv.

Ola Gordon  -

I just passed my test yesterday on my first attempt thanks to Fergus!
I had no confidence at all in my driving and decided it wasn’t for me until a friend recommended Fergus.As soon as I completed my first lesson I felt so much better about driving and my confidence on the road soared.
I booked my test and completed a few pre-tests where we worked on what I needed to improve on and banishing some old bad habits.
With encouragement and reassurance from Fergus I went to do my test confident and ready.Thank you so much Fergus I never would have imagined passing let alone first time!!

Samantha Watters - (Texas,USA) 

Learning to drive was fun and very rewarding. Fergus was always kind and patient. He never made me feel uncomfortable or got frustrated when I made mistakes.I completed my 12 EDT lessons and several pre-tests with Fergus and thanks to him I felt confident when taking my test and passed first time!!!
If you are looking for a driving instructor you will not find a better one! Thanks Fergus!!

Umalat Gadaborshev   -

 L-driving license in the bin!!!
I want to say a few words about my instructor, Fergus. Yesterday I passed the test, so very happy. With God's help and by Fergus. I'm driving for more than 10 years. And my driving technique was aggressive and inconsiderate. I broke all sorts of rules of the road driving. This habit I inherited from my country - Russia))). Drivers with experience will understand me. But Fergus did what I thought impossible. He has changed in a short time (3-4 lessons) my driving style. thank you. You have the right to be called a professional instructor.
Regarding the conducting of lessons: Fergus pays attention to detail. which not everyone noticed. In such detail and fail the tests. Respectful and friendly, intelligent. Take lessons from him is a pleasure. He has live communication with the student. My sister will be taking lessons from you, Fergus. Thank you again.

Damien Cassells   -

I am in my 30’s only started driving recently and found Fergus to be the perfect teacher for me. After only 2 off-road sessions I was out on the road. I didn’t think this was possible. Fergus teaches you to drive safely and gives you skills that are for life, not just for passing a 45 minute test. I highly recommend Fergus, particularly for anyone who is nervous or anxious about driving. Fergus is calm and understanding and I have always felt safe on the road under his tuition.

Alison Griffin  -

I would like to thank Fergus for helping me pass my driving test. He had shown me great driving techniques and with a few pre-test less i passed. I would definitely recommend Fergus for driving lessons. Thank you very much Fergus.

Christine Young  -

I was very nervous at the idea of driving a car. After my lessons with Fergus I felt I was meant to drive. His driving lessons were so good.
His great patience really helped me to develop my skills and become a confident driver.

Thanks Fergus!

Suzanne Roux   -

As a lady of a "certain age" i was immediately put at ease by Fergus at Brookfield Driving School when i booked driving lessons for the first time. From the moment i got into the car as a complete novice, his calm, patient & reassuring nature got me focused straight away. I wanted to get all the techniques right from the beginning (before i embarked on any practice with my nearest & dearest!!!).We started off with all the basics & gradually built up to taking the car onto the road. Through very simple techniques & repetition where needed, Fergus guided me & encouraged me until i felt my confidence build up to where it was me driving, talking my way through each lesson, which i found a great help. He put more emphasis on the positives while also answering the many questions he was bombarded with throughout the course of our lessons.

I'm now ready to get in our own car, confident that i can drive & practice before applying for my test. The sense of achievement is fantastic & i have to credit Fergus for helping with that. As any first time driver knows, to get out on the road, to get up & more importantly down those gears by yourself, to simply just take control of the car is the best feeling!!!

I intend to come back to Brookfield Driving School for a few lessons again before my test as i know Fergus will be able to fine tune my technique & iron out any rough spots.Just wish i'd done it all years ago now!!!!!!!

Sarah Doyle  -

I passed my driving test first time thanks to Fergus. He improved my driving and built up my confidence .He also has great patience I would recommend him to all.

Vincent Kelly   -

Fergus was recommended to me by someone who had passed their test and I would recommend him to anyone who was serious about learning to drive in the correct manner and passing their driving test.

Fergus is a professional, he teaches you to drive safely and competently, and most importantly, he provides endless amounts of encouragement and advice.

I passed my test first time yesterday in Tallaght and I owe it all to Fergus, sincere thanks again.

Shauna Langan -

 I switched to Brookfield Driving School after  having a number of bad lessons with another instructor. There was a huge difference in the teaching style of Fergus. On the first lesson he pinpointed a lot of faults and and habits I was making. We worked on rectifying these and after a few lessons I found a big change in my driving. I have felt like a different driver after my lessons and I suddenly had a lot more confidence driving on my own. I also arranged pretest lessons just before my test and thankfully I passed first time at Tallaght. I highly recommend Fergus.

Diarmuid Barron  -

Fergus is a very good instructor, as i was very nervous at the beginning, he put me at ease from lesson 1,and now having completed my 12 EDT's i am more confident and would recommend him highly.

Fiona Lawlor   -

I had many lessons with a large well known driving school in Dublin and was very unhappy with my progress and development . After just a couple of lessons with Fergus my driving improved lots and I gained a lot of confidence. He covered all areas of the driving test, many of which had not been looked at with my previous instructor. When I went to Fergus, we started from scratch, lessons were clear and simple. He went at my speed and was very calm and patient. I cannot recommend Fergus enough. He is a fantastic instructor .

Daire Graham  -

Couldn't ask for a better instuctor! Fergus is a gent! Gives great direction and methods and tips. Highly recomend him! I passed my test thanks to him .
My girlfriend also passed with Fergus.

Tony McDermott  -

Fergus and the Brookfield Driving School are really great; helpful, patient and very professional. I had to take lessons with a long break in between lessons, pre-tests and test and every time I called Fergus remembered me and my habits and driving style, and was always able to help with technique, rules and advice about my car.

I have now passed my test and don't have any hesitation about recommending Brookfield Driving School to everyone! Thanks again!

Lourda Casserly  -

I hadn't been driving that long and got the date for my test so I got lesson from Fergus and passed the test first time (only 3 grade 1 marking).  His a brill driving instructor - patient and great at explaining how to improve my driving. I wasn't that confident at driving but Fergus helped with that. I highly recommend Fergus for anyone who has the driving test coming up. Still can't believe i passed! Thanks a million Fergus!

Suzanne Fennell   -

Just want to say thanks to Fergus for helping me pass my driving test in Tallaght this week. He is an excellent instructor. When I started lessons with him I was a beginner but he had me driving and applying for my test in no time! He was extremely patient and really built up my confidence as a driver. He gave really useful tips that I will definitely continue to use in my day to day driving. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone learning to drive. Thanks again for everything!

Manisha Negi  -

Hi Fergus. I passed my test today in tallaght (6th attempt).Just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. All the corrections and tips you gave me in a couple of lessons were great. Thank you so much Fergus

Joy Bliekendaal  -

Passed my test first time in Naas thanks to Fergus. His approach to teaching is superb, really breaks things down. Helped me  become a lot more confident in driving. Would recommend him highly! Thank you Fergus!

Sinead Lundy  -

I would like to say a big thank you to Fergus for helping me pass my test in Tallaght last week. The standard of Fergus’s teaching and instruction is superb. He made me feel confident but most important, when learning new things, relaxed. Although I was not a natural at driving, Fergus’s patience, professionalism and encouragement helped me to improve immeasurably and enjoy the process. Not only did I pass my test but I am definitely a better driver as a result of meeting Fergus

Andy Nolan   -

I couldn't recommend Brookfield highly enough. I was very nervous to begin with but Fergus had my confidence and skill levels up in no time.
Passed my test first go with Fergus!

Cormac Fagan -

 I really enjoyed learning how to drive with Fergus. He has a very calm approach to teaching how to drive. I passed my test in tallaght first time. As well as preparing me for the driving test he gave me valuable lessons for everyday driving. I would recommend Fergus to any friend.

Viktorija (Lithuania) -

I did automatic driving lessons with Fergus and I would highly recommend him as a driving instructor. I also passed my driving test first time in tallaght - all thanks to Fergus! Great teacher. Thank You, Fergus very much!!

Niamh O Sullivan  -

I would recommend Fergus without hesitation. I had been driving for a year and had picked up a number of bad habits. Fergus helped me to identify and fix these in just 4 hours of lessons. I passed my test first time in Naas and can honestly say I would not have done so without his tuition.  Thanks again Fergus!

Tian Gan  -

Hello everyone, My name is Tian, I come from China, I love everything in Ireland except the driving test. I had failed it twice before, both tests failed badly and I nearly had no confidence, I was left believing I would never ever pass the test until I find Fergus.
I found him very encouraging and helpful. He increased my confidence no end and spent a lot of time focusing on the areas that were difficult for me, such as clutch control, roundabout, and reversing around corners. He was exactly right in all his advice and told me exactly where my mistakes were and what to do.   He also took me to have plenty of practice on the popular test routes and gave me lots important tips!

And today, I finally pass my third test in Tallaght. Woohoo!! I could not believe it. I will and have recommended Fergus and the Brookfield Driving School to everyone I know. Cheers Fergus!

James Byrne  -

I passed my test first time with Fergus in tallaght. I did my edt lessons with him and had a couple of pretest lessons also. His teaching is superb and I felt very confident for the test. Many thanks Fergus.

Dwayne Williams  -

It is with great thanks to Fergus  that i passed my driving test in Tallaght at the first attempt this week. Fergus is an excellent instructor who I would highly recommend. I found him very flexible being able to work with me around the demands of my daily life. His knowledge is second to none and he can share this in a way that not only builds your knowledge but also your confidence so that your ready for almost anything!

Conor Burke -

Fergus is an excellent driving instructor who got me to pass my test in Tallaght, having already failed in Naas. He was very patient, accommodating, informative and observant. He spotted mistakes I had been making in my driving style that no one else noticed. I would definitely recommend him.

Michael Fitzsimon  -

Fergus is an outstanding driving instructor who knows every last detail to help pass your driving test. He helped me to pass in Naas  first time around!..I only got 1 grade 2 mark on my test sheet. I would definetely recommend Brookfield Driving School to anyone wishing to pass their own driving test.

Fiona Tierney   -

Fergus is possibly the most patient person I've ever met and was a great help when I was learning how to drive. I also passed my driving test with him in Tallaght today. I would definitely recommend him as an instructor

Grigore Estrate  -

I am from Romania and failed the test  two times before and had many instructors teach me. Only with Fergus I passed and i only had a few lessons. Thanks very much. He is so good. Grigore

Paul Kelly  -

Having been with Fergus from first learning how to drive to helping me pass my test, I would definitely recommend him to anyone learning to drive at any level. I found his teaching methods very easy to understand, very helpful and that he was always punctual and reliable. Also I thought his calm attitude was a massive positive before the test. Thanks

Veronica Fernandez - (Spain) 

Fergus is very patient, always punctual and the most important thing he boosted my confident. My nerves was one of the reasons that it took me so long to get the whole driving process. Fergus instruction is kept simple and he explains step by step how to proceed with accuracy. I highly recommend him, especially if you can be fairly nervous. THANK YOU FERGUS.

Gerry Byrne  -

Thanks Fergus for helping me pass my driving test. Could not have passed without you. Previous instructors I had do not compare at all. Recommend you to anyone preparing for their test. Gerry.

Leonidas  -

Thanks so much!! Fergus, I felt so happy the day when I passed my test, and I still am! It was difficult for me especially because I am from Latin America and we drive on the right side. At the beginning I was confused but thank God I found an excellent instructor who helped me to build my confidence and my knowledge.

Again, thank so much!! If you are looking for an instructor, this is the right place. Don’t think twice! I definitely recommend them a million times, because I spent money with another school, and I had to change because I didn´t see any progress. Fergus is patience, has a friendly personality and is very professional.

Thanks, Muchas Gracias

Susan Walsh   -

I was a really nervous driver and put off my driving test several times due to this. I got 3 auto  lessons with Fergus and I passed my test first time! He is very patient, friendly and put me at my ease, only for him, I definitely would not have passed. I would highly recommend him to anyone. Thanks again Fergus

Sarah Tyrrell  -

I had driving lessons and pre test lessons coming up to my driving test with Fergus. I'd recommend him to any one looking to pass their test. He's patient and has a good teaching technique. My style of diving has definitely changed for the better and he has made me a much more confident driver and person on the road. Passed my test thanks to Fergus. I only got 1 grade 2 fault.

Niamh Connolly  -

I would recommend Brookfield Driving School to anyone learning to drive. I had 10 lessons with Fergus, who is very calm and patient and he covered everything I needed to know to get me started and also helped me build up my confidence!! I will be coming back to Fergus for my pretest lessons – can’t thank you enough Fergus !!

June Brennan -

I did learner lessons and pre-test lessons with Fergus and I passed my driving test first time in Tallaght.I could not be happier with his service. His tuition is excellent. Whenever I would make a mistake, Fergus would explain it and rectify it. He also shows plenty of visuals and encourages feedback a lot. I would highly recommend him to anyone learning to drive or preparing for their driving test

Helen Devine -

I passed my test first time thanks to Fergus . The lessons were worth every cent and fergus was a very patient and helpful instructor. I would recommend him to anyone!

Piotr Witaszczyk - (Poland) 

Just passed my driving test in Tallaght after having 3 lessons with Fergus, He made the lessons easy and explained the techniques and skills clearly and patiently. I was worried about the test because in the past I have struggled with nerves during exams, but Fergus spent an hour before the test encouraging me and making me realise I was capable. I would definately recomend Fergus to any of my friends and family! ... Thanks for everything Fergus...

Greg Murray  -

I have been driving nearly a year now and i enjoy driving but along the way i picked up many bad habits . I got the date of my test so i decided to ring up fergus for a pretest . He quickly discovered the things i was doing wrong i got 3 lessons and my drive was much stronger and learned a lot about driving.

Thanks to fergus i passed my test . He is a fantastic instructor and I would highly recommend him .Thanks a lot fergus

Conor McManaman  -

When I first had a lesson with Fergus, I had many, many bad habits. After as little as two lessons with Fergus, I was beginning to phase out the bad habits and becoming a more competent driver. With Fergus' patient and direct approach, I passed my test in Naas first time around. Having had lessons with a few instructors, I can honestly say Fergus is the best out there. I highly recommend him to anyone.

Natasha Stanley - 9th June 2011

Fergus is a great instructor, very patient and gives great encouragement! He thought me things previous instructors hadn't ! Passed my test after just four lessons second time round!!

Thanx a mil :)

Peter Loftus  -

After reading positive reviews about Fergus, I arranged a few pre tests with him before my actual test this past Thursday. First time we went out he let me drive around and picked out my weakest points in my drive, He then worked on those weak points with me. When those weak points were no longer a factor he got me to focus on the test itself. I went into my test very positive that I could pass the test and I passed. This was my second attempt at the test and difference in the results are amazing
Thanks Fergus

Orla Brady  -

I got Fergus,s number from and I booked him because of his customer reviews .I had failed my test 3 times previously and did not feel very confident about my next test. Fergus explained why I was coasting where my faults in observation were and he improved my driving in no time. I passed my test in tallaght today and could not have done it without him. His service is excellent . Many Thanks.

Liam Kirwin -

A friend of a friend passed me on fergus’s number and I booked a course of 5 pre-test lessons. I passed my test first time in Tallaght. I had a lot of bad habits and fergus ironed them out fairly quickly. He is very professional and thorough. I strongly recommend fergus to anyone preparing for their driving test because without him I would not have passed.

Lisa Jones  -

Just passed my test in tallaght with Fergus after fourth attempt. My previous instructors did not compare to Fergus at all. He is the best instructor by far. He sorted out my faults and explained them in detail. I was a nervous wreck and Fergus came in to the test centre with me and calmed me down. I only got 3 grade 2 markings. Thanks Fergus, could not have passed without you.

Dará Rogers  -

I just passed my driving test first time thanks to Fergus. Fergus was very patient while helping me to improve my driving. I have had many driving instructors and Fergus is by far the best. Driving is now easier and more enjoyable.

I will recommend you to all my friends and family!

Thank you and all the best.

Vivian Ward  -

Fergus is very easy going , punctual and has a nice speaking voice. If he uses the dual controls he lets you know and why. I did a course of 15 lessons and my progress was very noticeable. For anyone learning to drive, I recommend Fergus anytime.

June Hyland -

All my friends passed their tests first time with Fergus and they recommended him to me, and now I have passed first time too. Fergus is just brilliant, and gives so much attention to detail. He sorted out my reverse around the corner in no time and I coasted a lot too. He built up my confidence and got me to focus a lot better too. I am so happy to have passed my test in Tallaght. Thank you so much fergus

Yvonne McGovern  -

I cannot recommend Brookfield Driving School highly enough to anyone learning to drive for the first time.I was very nervous to start with, having put off taking lessons for a long time, but Fergus managed to put me at ease with his great patience & calm approach. I was very pleased with the quality and professionalism I received from Fergus and thanks to him I now have the confidence to take the car out on the road, knowing that I am doing everything correctly, as I was taught. I would highly recommend Fergus to all nervous drivers.

Thanks Fergus

John Dalton -

When I booked a pretest lesson with fergus. I had never taken a driving lesson before. After 20 minutes , Fergus pulled me in and said he would have to start from scratch as I had too many bad habits. I did a course of 5 lessons , and I passed my test first time in Naas today. This guy is top man.

Fergus kept drilling me on road position, Use of mirrors, what to do approaching junctions and how to use the clutch properly. I am still in shock that I passed. Thank you very much Fergus.

Brendan Blake -

Hi Fergus. I just wanted to say thank you so much for all your help from day one!
I can say with confidence that without the pre-test lessons we did last week there is no way I would have passed the test. You have it down to a fine art!
Kindest regards Brendan

Aps -

I was desperate to start driving before end of January as it was my last years new years resolution!

So Finally, I googled and found Fergus .He is brilliant.
He builds up your confidence, reminds to have patience with yourself and his visualization technique are of great help.

I would highly recommend him to anybody who is nervous/thinking they are too old to learn driving!

Janice Maguire -

Thank you so much Fergus for helping me pass my driving test .I did it in Naas and
I could not have passed it without you. You are so patient and friendly and a superb instructor. You got me to test standard in no time and I will recommend you to all my friends. Regards Janice

Siobhan Murphy  -

I cannot recommend Brookfield Driving School highly enough to anyone learning to drive or with their test coming up!!.I learned to drive with Fergus – who was always patient, calm and supportive. He tailored each lesson to work on different driving skills and helped me pass my test in tallaght first time! Thanks a million Brookfield Driving School

Colm Browning  -

Fergus provided me with excellent tuition and was extremely patient with me throughout the lessons .Fergus gave me a very good grounding in the basics of driving before moving on to more subtle aspects (like road position and junction markings etc.) which he also explained very well and allowed me to have plenty of practice on. Aspects obligatory on the test like (reverse around the corner, etc) were also covered comprehensively.

The pre-test lessons he provided were extremely helpful. He took me around the popular test routes, gave me lots of hints and tips that were vital to the test itself.

Thanks to all this I passed my test first time in Churchtown test centre . Overall I couldn’t be happier with the driving tuition I received from fergus

Ken Shannon  -

I could not have passed my driving test without the help of Brookfield Driving School
My instructor Fergus was incredibly patient and calm with me, and he was an amazing teacher. With fergus’s help I was able to pass my driving test first time in tallaght. I would recommend fergus to any of my friends, family or anyone with a permit looking for lessons.

Burim Gashi  -

I cannot recommend Fergus enough for pointing out the bad habits I had picked up on all those years living abroad. I had failed my test once in Ireland and left it till now. Then I met Fergus and he told me he might be able to help me pass the driving test and he really did. He pointed out every little mistake and showed me how to correct them and drive competently. He is the best driving instructor I have ever known.Guys and girls if you want to succeed with your test call this man.

Haroon Bajwa  -

I had previously sat my test twice and failed both times despite the fact that I had been driving abroad for more than 10 years. I thought I was a competent and safe driver so I was disappointed when I failed. I decided to take some lessons with Fergus.It became very clear that I had picked up a lot of bad habits, most of which I was completely oblivious to, and therefore causing me to fail.
After only a few lessons with Fergus, I understood where I was going wrong and the importance of adhering to the recommended way of driving in Ireland. Thanks to Fergus I passed my test! I felt confident doing my test, and only received two grade 2 faults from the tester.
I am so happy I used this driving academy that I will be signing my wife to do lessons shortly!

Grace Dowling  -

I was not very confident when I started driving. Fergus helped me get over my nervousness and helped me pass my driving test on the second time. He is very patient, knows what driving methods suit you and will help you with any bad habits you pick up. I would highly recommend Fergus to anybody looking for driving lessons.

Ernest  -

Hi everyone, I failed my first driving test with 30 grade 2 faults, then got Fergus to be my instructor and just after 3 lessons I passed my test. So I recommend Brookfield Driving School to everybody, good luck!

Liu Xiaoling - (China)

I am so delighted that I found fergus as my driving instructor. So far I am really impressed by his expertise, knowledge and patience. I have never driven before and was very nervous and clueless about driving. Only after a few lessons Fergus has helped me overcome these barriers and as the lessons carried on I made so much progress. He is very good at breaking down the techniques into details which I benefit a lot. As a non native English speaker Fergus gives instructions with a clear accent and moderate speed. I have already recommended him to my family and friends and would highly recommend him to whoever wants to learn or improve their driving skills. Good luck everyone and thank you again Fergus !

Liliana Cretiue - (Romania)

I have to say that my case is a bit different to most. I came to Ireland with a Romanian driving licence and exchanged it a while ago to a full Irish Licence. My problem was I had no driving experience of driving on the left side of the road and was not used to the new rules of the road. I tried a couple of instructors with no visible progress. One of my friends recommended Fergus and I have to say he is the only one who understood my situation. In just a couple of lessons he broke my fear of roundabouts, he showed the correct manoeuvres and with great patience, he built up my confidence.
He has a nice personality ,he is kind, patient and particular in his way of teaching. I highly recommend him to anybody from beginners to mature students like me who are usually slower and less confident.Thank you Fergus for being with me through this journey and I will always be grateful to you.

Louise Butler -

Fergus is such a kind and genuine person. I absolutely could not have passed my driving test without him. He identified problem areas in my driving, gave me structured and user friendly advice in a calm and patient manner. So pupil – focused and passionate about his role. Could not recommend him highly enough.

Gabriela Popa - (Romania)

So I just want to say I passed my test on first attempt and it was all down to fergus.
I thought I knew how to drive but Fergus got me to understand I was not that good and I had a lot of bad habits. With just a few hours spent together , I improved my driving so well that I was able to pass my test. I really recommend Fergus from the bottom of my heart. He is so patient and a great instructor who will work with you and teach you so well. Thanks a lot Fergus for everything that you have done for me and I hope everyone uses him too.

Sid Xhedaj -

I was recommended to use Fergus by my brother who passed his test in 2 days of  notice. I can tell you guys that in just 6 hours Fergus completely changed my driving style and eliminated all the errors and bad habits that I had and was making from my previous instructor. When I first met him, I was to impulsive and cocky in my driving and Fergus picked up on that straight away. If you are looking for the BEST instructor in Dublin then I guarantee you have found him here. His methods are unbelieveable and they change your attitude and approach to driving and dramatically increase your chances of passing the test. Great guy.

Dehna Bennett -

I will be recommending Fergus to everyone. I originally had Fergus for my 12 Edt lessons and had no hesitation in going back to him for the driving test. I felt he understood my personality and temperament. He was essential for me. He transformed my drive. Although I was very nervous , I heard his voice from my lessons and had my best drive on the day and passed my test with only 1 fault. Look no further folks. Really nice guy too !

Simone H Costello -

I cannot recommend Fergus highly enough. I finally passed my driving test after the third attempt. My previous instructors were below par in comparison to Fergus. His instructions were so easy to follow and they made so much sense. I am very thankful and if you are looking for the perfect instructor  ,go to Fergus. Best regards.

Agnieszka Mastalska - (Poland) 

I just passed my test for the first time and it was all down to Fergus. He is an excellent teacher. Very calm ,and he gave me so much confidence. He helped me overcome so many bad driving habits.I would recommend him to everyone. The perfect driving instructor. Many thanks Fergus.

Chum Him Ho - (Hong Kong)

Thank you Fergus. I have passed my test and it is all thanks to you. I had less than a week of training to my test date. Fergus gave me lots of advise during my lessons and always monitors the faults I make. I would highly recommend him to my family and friends because of his skills ,knowledge and expertise. Once again big thank you and wish everybody success

Toma Bagdonaitee - (Lithuania)

I would like to say a HUGE THANK YOU to a wonderful driving instructor , Fergus. I just passed my driving test for the first time in Tallaght test centre and without his help it would,nt be easy to pass it. My driving habits were just awful but Fergus within 7 lessons changed them into great and smart ones.

Highly recommended to everyone !!Thank you Fergus , you are the best.

Elaine Kennedy -

passed my test today first time ,If you are looking for an instructor and do not know where to start, I would recommend Fergus. First of all he is always on time. He is a gentleman and excellent at explaining the theory and practice of driving .He really mentors you before the actual test so you can do your best and pass your test. Thanks again,Fergus

Conor McQuillan -

I contacted Fergus with only 3 days notice to my driving test. He helped me overcome a lot of bad habits and gain confidence for the test, I passed with flying colours . Fergus has great patience and a very nice manner. I would highly recommend him.

Jessica Geleng -

I did automatic lessons with Fergus. I got great driving instruction and felt he really prepared me for the test. I felt confident in my driving and passed the test the first time. All thanks to Fergus.

Craig Monks  -

I would happily recommend Lucan Driving Academy. Fergus is patient and methodical and will fully prepare you for your test. I passed first time at the Tallaght test centre . Thanks Fergus!